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A Bride's Guide To Conquering Your Wedding Week

August 24, 2022

You made it to the final stretch! It is officially YOUR WEDDING WEEK!

First of all, take a moment to let that soak in and smile knowing you are getting MARRIED in just a few short days!

Somehow, no matter how much time you’ve spent planning and preparing there are still a million things to do the week of your wedding. Each day (and minute) counts and the more prepared you are the more relaxed you will be heading into the weekend and upcoming festivities! In fact, some wedding planners and experts suggest thinking and planning as though your wedding date is a week or two earlier - just to avoid the last minute scramble! While there is a lot to do, you also want to focus on yourself and ensure you are resting and taking care of yourself before the big day!

Use this guide to help keep calm and maximize the final few days.


Start out the week and generate excitement by emailing the itinerary/timeline to your wedding party! They all need to know where to be and when! I also included dress code and any other details needed. If you send the timeline out too early, people will misplace it or need a refresher. I had my wedding planner email this out to the wedding party so everyone had it on their cell phones. We also had some printed copies for people to reference throughout the weekend.

Wrap up things at work. Don’t underestimate that your day job is also important these last couple days as chances are you are about to take time off (maybe the most ever) and you don't want to be stressed. This week was pivotal in shifting focus and preparing to actually be 'out of office.'


Sign, seal, and deliver your welcome bags or boxes if you have them. Set yourself up for success by starting to prepare these as early as you can. Finalize them and seal them up and drop them off at least a day before your first guests arrive in town and check-in. Be sure to coordinate with the hotels a specific day/time you or your wedding planner will be dropping them off.

Start packing for your honeymoon if you are leaving right after the wedding! You have enough on your mind and want to kick back and enjoy the weekend!


Beauty prep! I got my nails done in the morning, eyebrows, then spray tan in the evening. I had all of my bridesmaids over who wanted to get a spray tan and we ordered dinner and had a little moment all together before festivities started.

Lay out your complete outfits on a clothing rack BEFORE packing! I started doing this the weekend before my wedding to see it all together and confirm I had everything I needed. Start by going day by day and include shoes, undergarments, jewelry and accessories. From there, pack it up and don’t forget your steamer! I also recommend bringing a back-up outfit/dress just in case - after all you are wearing white.


Prepare gratuity for vendors! Set aside envelopes that are labeled by vendor with cash for the vendors you plan to tip on your wedding day. I remember scrambling last minute to do this and ensure I had everyone accounted for. If possible, assign a parent or relative (or wedding planner) to help hand deliver these to your team on your wedding day.

Don't forget your marriage license and rings!


Arrive to your hotel and unpack! Be sure to get everything hung up and take your wedding dress out of the garment bag.

I made lists, used google docs and used sticky notes to ensure I didn't forget things! Stay organized and get as much as you can done ahead of this week.

Now time to enjoy all of your hard work and planning with your loved ones!!!

Have fun!




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