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How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Congratulations! You are MARRIED! Let that soak in over some champagne in-flight as you escape the world with your new spouse (yes, spouse). Your honeymoon will likely be one of the longest trips you go on and potentially prepare for the least. If you are anything like me, your mind and energy is focused on the wedding and planning. Before you go, use this guide to help you pack and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

  1. Pack BEFORE the wedding! The earlier the better. You will have enough on your mind the week of the wedding. Once the wedding festivities begin, it is time to relax and enjoy!

  2. Pack for planned events and excursions first (i.e. fancy dinners, boat ride, wine tasting, hike, tour etc.)

  3. From there, think about what can be worn again in a different way. Can you dress up a dress or pair of shorts? Consider changing shoes or accessories or shifting the look from day to night.

  4. Lay out your clothes and outfits on the bed or purchase an inexpensive clothing rack from Amazon or Target (I found one for under $10) so you can see it all before putting it into your suitcase. This helps prevent overpacking or adding additional unnecessary clothes.

  5. Bring extra every day basics! Since you are likely not doing laundry on your honeymoon, don't skimp on daily clean essentials like undies, bras, socks, etc.

  6. Don't forget your ID, phone charger, keys etc. that were packed in your wedding weekend bag.

  7. PASSPORT, PASSPORT, PASSPORT! Don't forget passport, adaptors, and local currency if you are going abroad! Help yourself out by lining up these essentials in advance. No need to be running around the day after the wedding/before you leave.

  8. Check the local weather at your destination to ensure you are prepared. Always smart to throw in a wrap or shawl even on a beach vacation.

  9. Repurpose some of your white dresses that you already wore, especially to your bachelorette party since your spouse never saw them! After all, you are still the bride!

  10. Be practical about shoes & know your terrain! High heels on the beach or in the cliffs/hills in Capri ain't gonna happen. Consider a sandal that you can also use day and night to save some room in your bag!

While these tips are mostly intended for those who are leaving right after wedding festivities, they still apply for all honeymooners! Bon Voyage!



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