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All About the Veil

A wedding veil is an accessory that brides have worn for generations. While it attains meaning and significance beyond just being a fashion statement, it is also a unique accessory that you will likely only wear once, if you so choose.

For me, this accessory called for the dramaaaa! I wanted to make a statement when walking down the aisle because after all you do only get that moment once! When I was trying on veils, this is what actually made me feel like a bride.

My veil was custom @verawangbride and was detailed with the same French lace appliqué that was on my dress. I added three yards onto ‘cathedral length’ to make it a whopping 12 FT long!!!! I wore the traditional blusher down to aisle, which still gives me goose bumps to this day. The veil added another 'look' to my wedding day if you will since it elevated my dress and overskirt and was only worn during the ceremony. After the ceremony and photos, I removed my veil since it wasn't practical to walk around and socialize without getting caught or stepped on. (shoutout to my sis and SIL for carrying it around with me that day 💪)

Your veil is normally chosen with your wedding dress or shortly after since it completes the look. Be sure to try some different veils on while you are dress shopping if you plan to wear one. There are several different options when it comes to detail, design, length, and style. Your veil should complement your wedding dress and help complete your overall wedding day look.

And at your hair trial discuss with your hair stylist about how you will secure it.

Your veil is a very personal accessory! For some the simpler the better or none at all! It is also a great “something borrowed” or chance to wear a family timepiece. Hopefully one day my daughter (or niece) will want to wear mine 🥰 What type of veil would you choose?



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