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Bridal Shower Inspiration

Let’s talk bridal shower ✨

A day full of so much love! I felt bubbly (yes from the champagne) but also from the laughter & love that filled the room. For me, this day was dedicated to celebrating with the most important women in my life. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and my heart, tummy, and future home was filled with love. Be sure to take it all in, as these are the ones who will be with you throughout your journey into marriage and support you in this next chapter of life.

A few tips and some inspiration as you prepare/plan for yours:

🤍 Choose a theme to help curate the day

The theme of my bridal shower was an Italian garden! A tribute to my heritage and my favorite place in the world: Italy. From the invite and the venue to the menu, drinks and decor this theme helped make decisions and choose details! My bridal shower took place at Gibson's Italia in Chicago, where an Italian lunch was served, complete with Aperol Spritz's and rose! My color scheme was mostly blue and white which helped decide the flowers (blue and white hydrangeas with olive foliage in ginger jar vases) and decor. For dessert, we served cannoli cake and traditional Italian cookies and of course had Jordan almonds for good luck at each place setting.

🤍 Thank your guests with a favor or memory from the day

To thank guests for coming to my bridal shower and to help remember the special day we had personal olive oil bottles at each place setting- a little 'Grazie' that included our upcoming wedding date! In addition, we had a custom Italian cookie made in the shape of a dress that matched the invitation that was mailed to the guests. Other bridal shower favor ideas include a plant or flower, a picture or picture frame, mini bottle of Champagne etc!

🤍 Activity or Entertainment

Guests played a “his” or “hers” question game which was fun since my groom and I answered the questions in real time as a couple! We provided a 'prize' for the winner and guests enjoyed getting to know each and us (even more than they thought they did)! I found this on Etsy - they have tons of great options for personalized games or activities!

🤍 Gifts

Since my bridal shower was intimate I did open the gifts but you definitely do NOT have to! I must admit Aunt Bette loved to see the latest and greatest kitchen appliance and the dishes I picked out! If you are planning to open gifts that day, be sure to ask a couple of gals to help you with the boxes in advance so it moves along quicker. With all eyes on you, you want to ensure it is organized and streamlined if possible. Plus, it's harder than you may think to open large boxes, especially when they are heavy. In addition, have someone take note of who gave you what to cross reference your online registry. This will help when it comes time to write your thank you notes, which I suggest doing sooner rather than later. And of course, you will always think of the person who gave you that gift when you are using it!

🤍 Groom

My Groom made an appearance at the end and helped open the gifts! It was a crowd pleaser and a great way for him to meet and spend some time with the most important women in my life! Some people opt for a couples shower or coed event, which is always fun too - it just depends on the day YOU want it to be!

There are soo many different ways to make a bridal shower your own and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate! Choose what is most authentic to you and your soon to be spouse!

Enjoy this special day and the quality time with your loved ones as you celebrate and prepare for the wedding weekend! Cheers 🥂

Dress: Zimmermann

Link and additional details on Instagram @getdressedwithgabbi

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